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The following are comments made from customers about Chili Dawg’s Foods Of Fire

Strawbanero mainphoto.jpg

“Using your Strawbanero in our sauce, we tied for 3rd at the American Royal Invitational out of 138 State Champions, the Best of the Best. Thank you, Chili Dawg's." “We won chicken using Strawbanero in our sauce at the KCBS Bandits BBQ shootout in St Louis. It was an incredibly tough field with the team of the year there and 11 teams present that are in the top 50.Peter Wright - Lion Bout The Q

Habricot mainphoto.jpg

“We finished 12th (top third) in pork with our first time using the Habricot.  This product is amazing.  Thank you Chili Dawg’s!”  Ron Hines - Backdraft Bar B Q

Razbanero mainphoto.jpg

“We were at the competition in Marshall, MN when they added an elk loin category. We entered the category not knowing for sure what we were going to do.  I mixed Razbanero with some BBQ sauce and put it on the elk loin and turned it in for judging. We took 1st place out of 36 entries in the elk loin category!

Habacherry mainphoto.jpg

We know whole heatedly that your product made the difference. We competed in 7 states this year including the American Royal and the Jack Daniel's competition and your product is one that we will always keep in our arsenal. We have shared your product with friends and family and it is a definite winner! Thanks again!”  Jeff Vanderlinde - Shiggin’ & Grinnin’

Hablemeno mainphoto.jpg

“This stuff is fantastic!  I used the Hablemeno on chicken wings, lightly glazing them right before they were done. It is very, very good stuff.”  Crash Davis – Radio Host of the Ultimate Outdoor Show

Pinabanero mainphoto.jpg

“Last year my team won 6th place in sausage at the American Royal Open Division using your Pinabanero habanero pepper spread.  It is a wonderful product!” Patty Kidwell – Boys of BBQ & Patty

Mangoero mainphoto.jpg

“Thank you for making awesome spreads. Your Mangonero helped us win 2nd place pork (our score 178.8572) in the Invitational Division at the American Royal this past weekend.  We actually tied for first place but lost the coin flip"  Phillip Lujan – Rubbin’ My Meat

Grapebanero mainphoto.jpg

Can’t say enough good things about this place! Such unique offerings! And tasty, too! We were able to sample almost everything they had for sale. Definitely plan on shopping there again.

Mangoero mainphoto.jpg

“I wanted to let you know that I used your Mangonero and Pinabanero this past weekend and my ribs took 4th out of 187 teams at the National Championship in Meridian, Texas.  Great stuff!”  Scott Brame – Rubbin’ My Meat

Hablemeno mainphoto.jpg

“During the 18th Annual “Original” State of Nebraska Barbecue Championship I came across Chili Dawg’s and since I like a little heat, thought I’d give it a try. I tried the Hablemeno with a cracker. Then, because it was so tasty, I tried the Hablemeno with a cracker and cream cheese. And, because the second bite was even better than the first, I went back and tried the Hablemeno with bread. There’s a reason I kept going back for more and more. This stuff is good!”  By Sonny Ashford – Member of the Kansas City Barbeque Society

Bluebanero mainphoto.jpg

“I went to a cook-off this past weekend, March 29, 2014, that had 42 of some of the best cooks in Texas.  Using Chili Dawg’s on my ribs I took 2nd place!  Great products!  My ribs have never been so consistently in the top three!  Thanks to Chili Dawg’s!” Scott Brame – Rubbin’ My Meat

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